Can you please speak up for your community today? Send a message to your Montgomery County Council members today.

The Montgomery County Council is considering a bill that would cut crucial safeguards against 50 foot tall cell towers and allow them to be installed 30 feet from our homes with no notice to the public.

A key Council committee has decided to move this bill, Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) 19-07, even though cell tower radiation safety standards were created 25 years ago, long before anyone thought these cell tower antennas could be installed next to bedroom windows. [1]

This huge giveaway to Big Wireless will also hurt local property values. All of this is occurring as ATT, Verizon, and T Mobile show no coverage gaps for 4G and 5g service. [2]

That's why we're counting on concerned Montgomery County residents like you to reach out to the Montgomery County Council to say NO on ZTA 19-07. We can do better!

We can't let the Council rush through this ordinance -- but we can stop it if Council members hear directly from voters.

Send a message to your Montgomery County Council members today.


[1] The FCC in 2020 refused to reconsider its decades old radio frequency radiation standards, despite substantial new scientific evidence of the harm from this radiation. Some of the latest scientific studies were conducted by the NIH National Toxicology Program, and showed that continuous exposure to radiofrequency radiation in the cell phone range caused cancer in laboratory animals. The Environmental Health Trust has sued the FCC, arguing that the 2020 decision was arbitrary and capricious and violated the federal Administrative Procedure Act. (See EHT v. FCC). They were joined by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

[2] See,,

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